Core Health Counseling

Core Health Counseling Services & Fees

Individual Pastoral Counseling

You will meet one-on-one with Kevin Pitts to explore the things that are challenging your life and emotional well being. You will address these issues from a spiritual perspective. 

60 min sessions $50

Couples Pastoral Counseling

The couple will meet with their pastoral counselor to identify the core issues that are challenging the relationship. Couples will learn how to address these issues from a biblical perspective.  

60 min sessions $ 75.00

Couples Clinical & Pastoral Counseling

Couples will have the benefit of recieving counseling from both Kevin and Melissa Pitts.  Together we will explore and address the clinical and pastroal concerns of the couple.  

60 min sessions $100.00

Phone Counseling

Phone counseling is a convenient option for individual therapy. You will be able to schedule a time to have a phone session with your therapist. This is a great options for individuals that have been out of therapy for a while and would like a check in with your therapist or pastoral counselor.  

60 min session $50

Online Counseling

Is available to clients desiring pastoral counseling with Kevin Pitts.

30 min sessions $35
60 min sessions $50

Life Coaching Sessions

Kevin Pitts is avaiable to assist cleints who need life Coaching support.  

60 min sessions $50

Written Reports

Often individuals may need their therapist to write a summary of treatment, diagnostic impressions or a report for court. Your therapist will work with you to identify the nature of the report and what information you would like included.

$100 per report

Missed Appointment Fees

We are aware that things come up with your busy schedule. Make sure that you cancel any appointments with your therapist 24 hours before your next scheduled appointment. If your appointment is not cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance then you will be charged a missed appointment fee. That fee will need to be collected before you schedule your next appointment.

$75 missed appointment fee